history of kunstterrorist organisation

Filip Filković, Croatian film director and artist come up with Kunstterrorist Organisation (from a German phrase "Kunst" meaning "Art") some time around 2005. The project also known as KTOrg is basically a radical Copyleft art outlet for the artist. Filković is also known as Philatz.

Initially it was a collective of Filković's friends gathered around the project (members included Mićo Samardžija, Sven Čuček, Ivan Bujević, Jan Kinčl, Damjan Radulović, Matija Opačak, Gray Hadden and Ivor Tomljanović). All members were somehow included and/or in the loop of the artworks, music and other shenanigans that were developing in KTOrg.

Much works have been made over a diverse and productive career of Philatz. He decided to come up with a series of interesting counter-culture works per year (or decade). Other members of the KTOrg were disbanded from the group (in 2008) after Filković started to produce artworks with artist James Cauty (the founder of wild pop groups such as The KLF, Orb, Blacksmoke and other). Filković worked with Cauty on series of artistic postage stamps, limited edition prints and various other artworks (2007/2008). All released via The Aquarium Gallery in London UK.

How Filković actually met Cauty is a dream story in itself. Filković was under KTOrg banner referencing and literally copylefting works of The Cautese National Postal Disservice (Cauty’s works) - Cauty got notice of this, likes the works and got in contact with Filković only to suggest a collaboration. The collaborations were several, culminating with a series od artworks called “War is over”. 

Filković created some of the works in 2007 and 2008 until the final closure of CNPD. After much work, artists went their separate ways, being sacked from the CNPD project. All the works ever created and published via Kunstterrorist web site and shop hold direct reference to popular culture via dystopian and counterculture themes, and also directly criticizes the world government's policies and the erosion of freedom. Along with limited edition printed works, Filković also produced a number of Cinderella stamp artwork.

Along with guerilla activism, members of KTOrg were involved in music production, known as "Kunstterrorist Audio Noize". The audio tracks are released via the British anti-label Death To Music founded by James Fogarty (also collaborator of James Cauty on the Blacksmoke project). The released album was called “The Next War” and has DTM024 release label. The band consisted of six members and the music varies in genre from electronica to punk/rock and gabba. The members of Kunstterrorist Audio Noize also created a number of remixes for other bands.

KTOrg is influenced by and constantly references the culture jamming movement in art, activism and music. The organisation also strongly supports Copyleft and Free Culture Movement and on December 12, 2012. Kunstterrorist Organisation (founder Filković) gave away everything it has ever created for free on the official website. 

Filković continues to make new artworks labeled with “Kunstterrorist Organisation” well into 2020s. However, his work is much more diverse; he directs films, documentary films and has his film and video production company called More-Magnets. Filković’s latest art project is called Mali Zagreb, which features miniature designs of his hometown of Zagreb.

"street art arose from religious superstition like plumbing and sanitation arose from raw sewage and disease"

kunstterrorist organisation

kunstterrorist organisation - waiting for 2023

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